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How to Use Urethane Clear Over Acrylic Enamal.

27.08.2015 · Single Stage urethane is not compatible with a clear coat. Clear coat relies primarily on chemical adhesion which a single stage does not offer. Really, if you can't get your single stage coat to shine, no offense, but you're doing something wrong. Single stage enamel/urethane is one of the easiest types of paint to detail and leaves one heluva. This is a solid color urethane Kirker and the clear coat Kirkeruses a different catalyst and reducer. The clear will be shot the 2 next days over the single stage color. Just unclear whether any areas I color sand on the single stage might look differnt under the clear.Thanks for any input! Derry. Painting a car makes it look new again. When a car is painted with acrylic enamel, a clear coat is applied over the paint. The clear coat of urethane supplies the acrylic enamel paint with a buffer between the paint and the elements. Weather, dirt and other damaging elements never. 16.08.2015 · What are you hoping to gain with clear coat ? Realize that if something goes wrong you will have to strip the car and start over - a very large risk. Add in the fact that clear coat WILL eventually peel whereas single stage can often be brought back after 70 or 80 years. You really need to. 13.12.2015 · Putting clear over it first would prevent that. Edit: Nevermid, answered my own question by testing this out and the clear definatley makes glass smooth over the single stage and can be wet sanded without lifting any of the base coat metallics. Edited by 348AMX - Dec/06/2015 at 8:02pm.

29.11.2016 · Metallic color ??? Base / clear for sure, then you can lay down a drop coat to even your metallic, and get your gloss using the clear. I two toned my car, in single stage using a metallic/pearl on the top and rear quarters, solid on the front half.I'm not quite a good painter, and couldn't get the flow I was wanting. Since it was urethane. 08.04.2012 · I'm going to be painting my civic coupe for my first time and have been researching methods of how to paint properly. I know there's 2 ways to go by it with single stage or base then clear. I'm on a slight budget so I was considering the single stage paint, but i've heard over time the color will oxidize or fade with time, my. Single stage urethane is a one-step painting process for automobiles that avoids the necessity of a clear-coat finish. The paint is durable enough to polish without altering the color tone, and using it reduces the overall refinishing time. The urethane must be mixed with a. 28.05.2015 · What is the process i need to do to paint bc/cc over that? Do i need to sealer over it all or could i just simply basecoat over the sanded single stage paint or would that react badly? Thanks for your help. p.s Color is going to remain the same btw. 93 supra and we are not sure if its lacquer or acrylic single stage. 18.07.2017 · I have been told that there is no need to apply clear coat over a single stage acrylic urethane paint. I am using Sherman Williams DIMENSION ACRYLIC URETHANE in.

06.03.2013 · I would be very leery of trying to spray lacquer over any type of enamel;no matter what the can says.Re-coating over rattle can paints is a crap shoot at best;even with the same paint.I've used many different types of rattle can paint and have yet to successfully re-coat them let alone clear coat. At 1stCertified Collision Center, we paint cars for customers every day for people who live all over CA. Some of the more basic tasks associated with applying clear coat might be something you can do yourself. But, anything a little more involved or elaborate should really be performed by a collision repair facility that has the [].

Alright. I'm looking to get my 67 impala painted and rust repaired soon. But was thinking of using some single stage blue for now since it's cheaper and I've just bought a house, and then later when I save up some money I can have it touched up and then have clear sprayed to protect it better. 14.10.2006 · Single Stage vs. Clear Coat I m not sure if this is the right place, but I was wondering which paint you guys rather have on a car, and if you dont mind stating why you like that type of paint. Unlike single stage products, basecoat clearcoat systems do not need to be applied heavy enough to impact the durability or final gloss level. The second step in this process, applying a clearcoat, accounts for nearly all of the durability and final gloss level. That means it is easier to control the color, metallic or solid, of a basecoat. Clear Coat FAQ. What is clear coat paint? – Clear coat paint is just like regular paint with no solids or tints added to it. Modern clear coat paints are formulated to have more gloss, more flexibility, protect better and be more UV resistant than the old solid color/no clear.

17.08.2012 · I'm far from a pro myself as well. but base/clear is out of the equation for right now because i HAVE the single stage with all the required hardener, reducer already. the way i see it in the end is a learning experience, and honestly there are only a few more months left in this year for me to DRIVE and enjoy the car, thus the reason I'm just. 23.10.2013 · Don't have enough material to do a complete reshoot. I think I burned up a lot of the material having to cover a darker color on the roof. I was also told that I could have the paint guy mix up the same single stage urethane but have him add more pigment to it so it would cover better. After driving around with a huge hole in my front bumper cover for two years, I finally decided to replace it myself. I bought a new bumper cover through my local friendly auto body supply store, along with a gray primer and a custom-made single stage paint that they loaded into a spray can for me. Direct Gloss Acrylic Urethane Background SHOP-LINE® JAU is a fast drying, two component, single stage acrylic urethane designed for today’s automotive collision centers. Components Color JAU Direct Gloss Acrylic Urethane Hardener JH6670 Fast Topcoat Hardener JH6680 Slow Topcoat Hardener JH6690 Very Slow Topcoat Hardener Reducer.

Spraying clear coat over single stage.

Most people might not realize that there is a clear coat on their car and just think the mainbase coat is the final layer. One question that comes up a lot though, is can you paint over clear coat on a car? After reading this article you will have a better answer to this question. Spray Max 2K Single Stage Aerosol Auto Spray Paint. Factory Color Auto Paint. A Professional Two-Part Auto Spray Paint in One Aerosol. No need to clear coat. The paint, clearcoat, and hardener all in one can, producing a glossy finish. We can put your original. DURACRYL® Single Stage and Basecoat/Clearcoat Lacquerer PPPP----148148148 DDL DDL DURACRYL® is a fast dry acrylic based lacquer system designed for repair of motor vehicles. This repair system is useful in spot or panel repairs as well as overall finishing. DDL single stage colors can be polished to a full gloss. Duracryl.

09.08.2004 · to clear over a single stage, go back to the paint shop where you got the paint originally, and have them mix you up some of the exact same single stage paint, except no toners, or metallic, so all you get is the clear single stage base, drying agents, and solvent. Painting Your Car with Single-Stage Urethane Paints By Nick Capinski. A common question we hear from hobbyists is, “I want to paint my car. What products do I need?” This seems like an easy enough question, but with so many primers, paints, and clear coats available, there are a.

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