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Pearl value is determined based on whether it’s a natural pearl vs cultured pearl. Natural pearls are very dangerous for oyster divers to find and bring to the surface of the ocean. Cultured pearls are created using a pearl farming process that makes these gems much less rare than their natural counterparts. The 6 Cultured Pearl Quality Factors There are 6 main factors to keep in mind when determining a pearl's quality, value and ultimately the price of the pearls: Nacre, Luster, Surface, Shape, Color and Size. Nacre: Nacre is the smooth surface that gives the pearl its. Color: Natural and cultured pearls occur in a broad range of hues. There are warm hues like yellow, orange, and pink, and cool hues like blue, green, and violet. Pearls have a wide range of tone from light to dark. Pearl colors tend to be muted, with a soft, subtle quality. 1 Pearls that occur naturally Naturally occurring pearls hold a significant value due to the rarity of pearls being produced. Of the 8,000 or so species of oysters, only about 20 of those are able to constantly produce pearls. For the most part the pearls these oysters do produce, few maintain a round or spherical shape. 2 Pearls that are.

Please note: a grain as a unit of measurement has other values when used for other materials, such as gold. Some well-known freshwater pearls include the following: The largest known natural freshwater pearl is the 361.4 grains 90.35 carats pink colored Survival Pearl. This baroque pearl formed in the shape of a snail that evidently entered a. Baroque pearls are used to create a wide range of jewelry pieces. As such, the color of the pearl is very important in assessing its value. Since most irregular pearls come in shades or white, salmon and pink, dark-colored pearls are the most valuable because they are extremely rare. Luster. 22.05.2012 · It is said to be Keshi Kasumi FW cultured pearls,14k solid yellow gold pendant. pearl size: 14.8 x 16.26 mm claim to be AAA; Smooth skin. only some tiny natural blemishes any ideas about its genuinity ? what's possible estimate value/range? any thoughts, appreciated.

A cultured saltwater Akoya pearl is the product of a synthesis between humans and nature. A mother of pearl shell bead nucleus is inserted into the host oyster, along with a square of donor mantle tissue from another oyster who has previously borne pearls of high or exceptional value, and the oyster is left to begin secreting around the nucleus. Pearl prices can range from less than $1 to $100,000s, depending on the type, size, quality, luster, color and shape. South Sea. South Sea pearls are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of pearls. They are the largest and most valuable pearls grown today, with average sizes ranging from 10 to 15 millimeters. South Sea pearls grow in a large pearl oyster native to Australia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia. Incredible pearl necklace by natural pearl hunter, Jeremy Norris of Oasis Pearls. Page 40 - MJM2_1_FULL_RCD Value factors that affect conch pearls are: Color and saturation, size, shape, flame structure and luster. I'll briefly run down each of these attributes, and then we can begin assigning a pricing structure in ballpark terms as each pearl is valued individually based upon its own unique.

Unfortunately, the name Biwi Pearl is often misused and attached erroneously to add a greater value to some pearls. Kasumiga Japan Pearls or Kasumi Japan Pearls. Lake Kasumigara, north of Tokyo is the site of cultured pearl producers of Kasumiga and Kasumi pearls from the hybrid mussels called Hyriopsis schlegelii x Hyriopsis cumingii.

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